Passport Application Online:

Indian Passport is the officially issued document serving as proof of nationality to travel to or from foreign countries. It is issued by the Ministry of External Affairs under the Passport Act 1967 to the applicants who apply for the passport online through the passport Seva portal online.

93 passport offices issues passport across India and 162 Indian diplomatic missions (Consulates, High Commissions, and Embassies) abroad issues Passport to all the eligible citizens.

As India becoming ‘Digital India’, the passport application online process got simplified. Just fill your personal details and upload documents to get an appointment slot. You can apply from any corner in India to visit any Passport office of your choice. Without an online appointment, no one will get service at PSK or POPSK.

How an Indian Passport does look like:

Latest Indian Passport has a deep-blue or black outer cover with Indian Emblem and golden color words printed on the front face. ‘Passport’ and ‘Republic of India’ are written on the above and below of the Emblem in Hindi and English.

The passport document can be given in 36 pages or 60 pages. The normal document has 36 pages but for frequent travelers, pages can be extended till 60.

In the first page, below fields are present;

  • Country code: IND
  • Passport number
  • Surname
  • Given name(s)
  • Nationality
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Place of issue
  • Date of issue
  • Date of expiry
  • Photo of the passport holder
  • Ghost picture of the passport holder (only passports issued since 2015)
  • Signature of the passport holder
  • The information page ends with the Machine Readable PassportZone (MRZ).

In the last page, below fields are seen:

  • Name of father or legal guardian
  • Name of mother
  • Spouse name
  • Address
  • Old passport number
  • File number

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Passport number Format:

The format is the same for all passports i.e. the first character is Upper Alphabet followed by 2 numbers, then optional space followed by 5 numbers.

Types of Passport:

There are three types of Passport issued to Indian citizens by the Indian Government.

  • Ordinary Passport(Blue/Black cover):

An ordinary passport is Type ‘P’ Passport issued for ordinary citizens traveling to other countries for tour or business purposes.

Indian Passport cover

Here ‘P’ stands for personal and this passport is issued in dark-blue/black color.

The validity of an ordinary passport is 10 years and it can be renewed for another 10 years after expiry.

  • Official Passport (White cover):

Official Passport is Type ‘S’ passport issued for the people traveling to other countries as Indian representatives on business purpose.

Here ‘S’ stands for service and this passport is issued in white color

  • Diplomatic Passport (Maroon cover):

Diplomatic Passport is Type ‘D’ passport issued for Indian Diplomats, Government officials and Diplomatic couriers traveling to other countries

Here ‘D’ stands for Diplomatic and this passport is issued in maroon color

Ask us now to know more about the Passport Application fees and documents.

Modes of Passport:

There are 2 modes of applying for a passport i.e. Normal and Tatkal. Normal passports are delivered within 30-60 days and Tatkal/ super-fast/ emergent passports are delivered within 15-20 days. A valid reason must be shown for getting a passport in tatkal mode.

Short validity passports (SVP) are also processed under the Tatkal scheme in case of an emergency. These are generally issued to students going abroad for attending exams like SAT, TOEFL, etc. To get SVP, a certificate of emergency should be submitted in the process.

Applicants with Criminal cases or NRI’s coming to India for a short trip are given SVP with a validity of 1 year. This SVP can be renewed for 10 years validity with the approval from Assistant Passport Officer.

ECR and Non-ECNR:

ECREmigration Check Required and it’s for applicants who are traveling to foreign countries i.e. the Middle East and African countries for job/employment purposes. It’s mainly issued for Indian laborers with less educational qualification.

The sole purpose of issuing ECR passports is to reduce the exploitation of Indian workers in other countries.

For students going to study abroad, an ECR passport is acceptable and there are no restrictions. Also, applicants without the 10th standard certificate get ECR passport.

ECR passport holders need emigration check clearance from India’s Protector of Emigrants.

List of Emigration Check Required (ECR) Countries:

  1. Yemen
  2. Saudi Arab
  3. Thailand
  4. UAE
  5. Syria
  6. Sudan
  7. Qatar
  8. Malaysia
  9. Lebanon
  10. Jordan
  11. Iraq
  12. Indonesia
  13. Brunei
  14. Bahrain
  15. Afghanistan
  16. Oman
  17. Kuwait
  18. Libya

ECNR Emigration Check Not Required is the default status in the passport book and all the students above the 10th standard and all the employees.

The following list of passport holders are exempted from emigration checks even while traveling to the above-mentioned list of 18 countries:

  1. Diplomatic/Official passport holders.
  2. People who have passed at least matriculation.
  3. Professional degree holders including MBBS or equivalent degree in Homeopathy/Ayurved, engineers, chartered accountants, accredited journalists, cost accountants, teachers, lecturers, advocates, scientists, etc. and their spouses and dependent children.
  4. Gazetted Government servants and their spouses and dependent children.
  5. Individual income taxpayers who submit the last 3 years’ proof of assessment to income tax or IT returns. Salaried individuals may submit Form 16 from the last 3 years. Self-employed individuals or businessmen need to submit the last 3 years’ tax clearance certificates. This list also includes spouses and dependent children of included passport holders.
  6. Seamen with CDC or sea cadets, deck cadets who have graduated from the 3 years B.Sc. nautical Sciences Courses at T.S. Chanakya, Mumbai and those who have undergone 3 months pre-sea training in government-approved institutions like T.S. Chanakya, T.S. Rehman, T.S. Jawahar, MTI (SCI) and NIPM, Chennai, on production of ID cards issued by Shipping Master Mumbai/Kolkata/Chennai.
  7. Permanent immigration visa holders.
  8. 3 years of polytechnics diploma holders from recognized state/central government institutions.
  9. 2 years diploma holders from NCVT or SCVT.
  10. Certified nurses under the Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947.
  11. People over the age of 50 years.
  12. People who have stayed abroad for more than 3 years, either broken or unbroken, and spouses.
  13. Children under 18 years of age if accompanied by parents.

Passport services:

There are different kinds of passport services available and it’s now easy to get the Passport in just 5 days with SmotPro

  • New/Fresh Passport
  • Tatkal Passport
  • Passport Renewal
  • Reissue of lost/damaged passport
  • Correction of errors in Passport
  • Addition or Removal of Spouse name in the Passport
  • ECR and ECNR passport
  • Child Passport
  • Passport to the family members of the person staying abroad
  • Issuing white passport

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Common issues faced while Applying for Passport Online:

Many times Passport application gets rejected in the office due to the lack of correct documents. Individuals applying on their own don’t have a clear idea of what all the documents they can submit online. Passport Agencies / Consultancies who claim they know everything doesn’t really know how to tackle hurdles in a timely manner.

These agencies are responsible only for booking appointment slots and they really don’t care what happens next. So there are higher chances that your process gets delayed and sometimes gets even rejected.

Police Verification gets initiated after completing the process inside the Passport office. If the supporting documents are not in the correct format, then-Police verification shows pending. If Police don’t submit your file, then it gets stuck there and you cannot receive your Passport.

For normal Passports, Police verification happens before the Passport dispatch but for Tatkal Passports, verification happens after Passport dispatch. So Passports used without proper Police verification and submissions are considered invalid. They are not accepted as travel documents with the incomplete process.

If you have any queries/ doubts regarding the Online Passport application and processing:

Talk to our expert @ 8880391391

What makes SmotPro – a trusted Passport consultancy: 

Indian Passport apply online

Now it’s easy to apply for a passport in 3 simple steps with SmotPro

1) To apply for any kind of Passport or to renew a passport online, just visit our website and under Passport drop-down, there is an passport application online form to be filled up.

2) After filling the form and making the payment based on your requirements, the process begins with email follow-ups of SmotPro

3) Let us know the documents you have and the rest we take care of.

For every SmotPro customer, an expert executive will be assigned. Our specialized team checks all your documents received thoroughly with the application and guides you as per the Government guidelines. After completing the appointment, we will guide you through the Police verification. It generally takes 7-10 days for Police to visit your address after initiating.

Once it’s done, then the final stage is checking if the Passport is printed and dispatched on time. It takes generally 2-3  working days for printing and dispatching. Then according to the circle wise, the customer gets a passport in hand within 2-7 working days.

This delay happens only for normal mode passports, for tatkal/emergency the process expedites and they can get the passport on the desired time. Whole Passport tracking would be taken care of by our expert team from SmotPro.

The whole process is hassle-free, no need to travel anywhere, all process is done at your door-step.

What are you waiting for? Get your passport within 3 working days with the help of the SmotPro expert team. Apply for Passport online or call @ 8880391391 to clarify your quires.

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