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Outsourcing Your Travel Procurement: In the global market, more and more companies need to work together to strengthen ties and facilitate commerce both globally and locally. Having said that, to expand the business worldwide, partnership meetings, presentations, tie-ups, etc are involved in establishing a successful organization internationally.

For a growing global presence, a lot of international travel is required. Business travel has become complex due to verification, authorization, and documentation. Always, documentation plays a vital role in travel.

Thus supporting documents for International business travel includes Passport, Visa applications, Invitation letters, Sponsorship letters, Business Plan statements, etc Hence business travel is complicated without valid reasons and documents.

Once imagine the time and effort involved in allowing a person or two from your company on business travel. And what if you are in need to send hundreds or thousands of your employees on business purposes to various countries. Practically, it’s not feasible to handle all the responsibilities on your own.

In such cases, it’s recommended to hand over all the business travel cases to a reputed Travel Agency like SmotPro. The team of expert agents understand your business travel needs and work towards fulfilling your travel goal. Thus there is nothing much to be done on the traveling part from your end. Hence you can solely focus on enriching your business.

Let’s discuss here what are the significant benefits of outsourcing your travel procurement to SmotPro.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Travel Procurement:

  1. Adapt technological changes more quickly:

Technology is changing every day and so the requirements for a visa too.  Also, the process for a visa is different from country to country. Few countries update their visa rules and regulations every now and then based on the latest technology and international relationships.

Thus to update with the latest needs, you need to have an expert in your team who can guide the employees traveling on business purposes. Else the employee himself has to do research himself before traveling. This really a tiresome process costing a lot of time and effort.

To avoid such situations.companies can hire a travel agency to work with them directly. As the agents are totally aware of the latest changes in the visa process of various countries, their guidance can help you complete the whole process in a single shot without investing much time, effort and money.

Instead, you can invest the same time, effort and money into your business to stay ahead of your competitors in the market. The same applies to Passport and other travel documents too. Though Passport is issued by the Indian Government, there is much you need to know before applying for an Indian Passport.

  2. No repetitions:

Let’s assume that you have applied on your own for Passport Online and Business Visa with supporting proofs on your own. But what would happen if there is a small mistake done while filling the particulars, the simple answer would be the application gets rejected due to improper details.

You may face such situations while the work is done in a hurried manner or done due to a lack of proper awareness. In either case, the penalty faced is huge and it may sometimes lead to delay of the travel plan if the Passport or Visa is not issued on time.

To overcome such situations, you need to equip yourselves with all the resources available or go with a travel agency. Here the advantage of depending on travel agents is that since all your documents are prepared by them, two or three stages of verification are done before submitting the final application.

In every stage, the errors are filtered and the final application is submitted after clearing all the pre-checks on the applicant details and available documents. Hence the applicant needs to go only once to Passport/Visa office and there are fewer chances of multiple visits. Even rejections are less expected in this case and the business travel goes smoothly as planned by your company.

3. Complete your tasks on time:

With less rejection rate, you can execute your travel plan as it is. Travel to any country for expanding your business and fulfill your targets successfully. No more delays or postpones in the execution of your business tasks be it a presentation, signing up an agreement, business tie-up meetings, attending conferences, and other discussions.

Thus the reputation of your business becomes even stronger due to the trust built upon you and your business. Hence your business expansion becomes easier and faster.

4. Stay ahead in the market:

If your business involves frequent travel of a large group of employees to multiple countries, then outsourcing your travel needs comes handy. There is a risk involved while acquiring travel documents to the larger groups. Hence it’s better to approach a travel consultancy for getting feasible solutions.

When your travel needs are fulfilled, you can visit and revisit different countries. Thus by visiting many countries, your business is expanded making you a global player by staying ahead of competitors in the market.

5. Return to your main focus:

Outsourcing helps the companies to focus more on their core competencies instead of figuring out the tailor-made solutions for travel management. As you focus more on your business, you get more return on investments as the profit grows. That is the ultimate goal of any business in the market.

Therefore the complex business travel is made simple by a travel agency or travel consultancy. Also, it’s very cost-effective to outsource all the travel responsibilities to a travel management firm in the long-run. 

Thus, to meet the constantly changing demand in the market, outsourcing travel procurement is a viable option. The traveler experience is also improved with high service quality and online adoption.

Due to the above benefits, many companies nowadays are making travel outsourcing as part of their growth plans. Once you opt for travel outsourcing to a travel management firm, constantly monitor the KPIs to understand the labor costs, service quality and contract performance.

Are you looking to outsource some or all of your travel programs?  SmotPro, No.1 Travel Consultancy in India is here to deliver feasible travel solutions for your complex travel programs. Need to discuss more, get in touch with our subject matter experts  Our experienced consultants are here to fulfill all your travel needs using leading technologies, benchmarking data, and best practices.

Comment here your requirements or directly give a call to our travel experts to schedule an appointment.

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