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Visa Consultancy: Many students have a dream to study abroad and graduate from college in a foreign country. Even for studying abroad, students need to apply for a study visa. Every country has its own requirements for issuing a visa.

Study visas are issued to the applicants whose primary purpose of entering the country is in the pursuit of education. Generally, a non-immigrant study/student visa is issued to the students traveling for a temporary stay for education.

Before applying for a visa, a student has to get a confirmation letter of joining the University. So the first thing a student going abroad has to do is to visit the embassy website of that country where the student intends to go. From the site, you can get more information about the visa application requirements, procedure, and various other details.

Below are the common queries every student faces while applying for a student visa to study abroad through visa consultancy.

  • How to Apply for Study Visa?

Joining Letter is mandatory from the institution where you got the admission. After receiving the letter, you need to check with the institution which type of visa is accepted in the institution. Also, check with them what documents are to be submitted at the time of joining. 

Once they confirm the visa type, you can directly visit the embassy website or consulate office near your place to know the process of that particular visa application. While filling out the application form, try to provide all the required valid details, else the visa becomes invalid if false information is given in the form.

  • When to apply?

You need to apply for a visa immediately after receiving the university confirmation letter. Do not delay at first and make a hurry at the last moment. Apply for a visa well in advance of the travel date, so that you can have ample time in hand to make necessary changes in the application if needed.

Also, note that students who are seeking education loans, financial aid and scholarships must start the process even much earlier as these applications would take more time for processing. Hence, it’s advisable to complete all the formalities much prior to the date of the journey to enjoy your study travel abroad.

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  • Classification of Visa:

The student visa is classified into two types i.e. Based on the program and program duration. Now depending upon the program duration, the visa is categorized as short-term visas and long-term visas. Short-term visas are issued to the students who are selected for undergoing a course of 3-month duration or less ( Ex: diploma or language certificate courses). For students who are selected to undergo courses beyond the 3-month period (Degree or Internship programs), long-term visas are issued.

Visa is also issued based on the program chosen by the student with the level of degree i.e. undergraduate course, graduate course, diploma course, etc. Thus the tenure here depends on the particular program, and the visa is issued accordingly by the Embassy.

  • How long it takes to get a Visa?

Visa processing may take a couple of days to months depending upon the country for which you are applying. It all depends on the Embassy authority’s decision to issue your visa. So it’s advisable to apply for a visa as soon as you get a confirmation letter to avoid a last-minute rush and delays.

  • Documents Required?

The mandatory documents that are required to apply for a study visa of any country are Passport (ECR or ECNR), Bonafide letter is taken from the institution, Language Proficiency certificate, Bank statement stating that you have a sufficient balance in the account which shows that you are financially secured. The minimum bank balance requirement differs from country to country.

There are additional documents required which are specific to a country and you can obtain the list from visiting the official website of that country.

  • Visa Fees:

Different countries charge different fees for a visa based on various factors i.e. visa validity, course duration, student nationality, etc. Only after making the payment, an appointment is scheduled for the interview.

  • Application process:

Once you are ready with the documents, you can fill up the visa application form either online or offline. If you are opting for online filling, then upload the required documents and fix an appointment in the nearest Immigration center or Consulate.

You are asked to submit hard copies of uploaded documents, passport photos, eligibility certificates for a non-immigrant visa, fee payment receipt, and biometrics to the Immigration center. Online filling is an easier way and can be done by the student from anywhere.

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For offline application, you need to download the application form, fill the particulars and then submit it along with the other documents in the Consulate. The authorities verify your details and then process the application accordingly.

  • Visa Extension

If the issued study visa has a less validity period and expires even before the completion of your course, then you can go for an extension of the visa. For extending visas, you have to apply at least 30 days before the current visa expiry date. Candidates can apply online for a visa extension.

Hence obtaining a student visa to study abroad is not an easy process. Though all the details are available online, even if a small mistake is made, it would delay the journey of the student which might cause the risk of a study abroad plan.

Therefore you have to pay extra attention while applying for a Study visa for not messing up the things. Do thorough research from various resources before filling the visa application form. In case you are unsure of how to continue with the process, immediately reach out to a Consultancy near you for expert guidance.

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SmotPro is No.1 Passport and Visa Consultancy in India specialized in providing Tourists, Business, and Study Visas from different countries. We have a team of expert visa consultants who can help you in and out of the visa process of any country. You can now get the student visa in 3 simple steps i.e. contact our team and fill out the application form, make the visa payment, and then go for an appointment.

During the appointment, it’s mandatory to undergo an interview at the Consulate even for a study visa for some countries. The interview is not mandatory for a few countries, so the rules and policies vary from country to country.

However, visa consultancy experts guide you on the documentation part and interview process. But clearing the visa interview solely depends upon your performance in front of the Embassy authorities. Once the interview is cleared, then your application will be processed immediately and you obtain a student visa on time as planned without any delay or complication.

To know more detailed information on Study, Business, and Tourist visas, contact SmotPro India’s No.1 Visa consultancy now or leave your query in the comments.

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