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Indians settled abroad can renew their Passport when they come to India on a vacation or for a short visit. Once NRI’s find their Passport validity is about to expire, they need to renew their passport immediately. The NRI’s Passport renewal process is similar to the normal passport renewal process.

There are three steps involved in the renewal process of the NRI passport i.e. Filling out the online application form, Visiting the Passport office during the appointment and completing Police verification.

Let’s discuss here each step thoroughly and clearly to avoid delays in the Passport issuance.

  • Filling Online application form:

NRI Applicants have to visit the official Passport website to fill the form. There are many categories of Passports available on the site. After selecting the appropriate category, fill all the required fields asked in the form and upload the mandatory documents.

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Avoid making errors while filling the form, as Passport authorities would reject the file due to such errors. Once the form is filled, then it redirects you to the payments page. Then you can make an online payment and go to the appointment slot booking page.

There you can get the list of available PSK centers to book an appointment on the nearest available date.

  • Visiting Passport Office:

You need to carry all the original proof documents while visiting the Passport Office during your appointment. There are three counters A, B and C inside the PSK. You need to wait for some time in the queue until the officers issue the token for normal or tatkal Passports.

The officers call your token number, that’s when the process for verification starts. You need to directly enter into counter ‘A’ where your details given in the application form are verified and cross-verified. If you need any change in the details or if the already given details were incorrect, you have to request for a change in this counter by providing the correct information to the officers.

This is the only counter where you can make changes and these are final. The changed particulars are reflected in the Passport directly. Your Photographs and bio-metrics are taken in ‘A’ counter.

Then the officers call for token number at ‘B’ counter, here the verification of documents takes place by comparing the information provided in the application form with the original documents. If the discrepancies are found here, then the officers put your application on hold, which may cause a delay in getting the Passport that causes a delay in your travel.

Hence carry all the proofs which you have under your name along with the educational qualification proof documents. As the ‘B’ counter verification is also done, then they call you for ‘C’ counter.

Here, in this counter, they check your current application status and guides you on what has to be done next. With this, the whole process inside the Passport office comes to an end and you can exit from the exit counter.

If your application is processed under ‘Normal’ mode, then you would receive an alert about the Police verification within the next few days. And if the application is under ‘tatkal’ mode, then the passport is issued first followed by Police verification. You can track your current file status online on the Passport website by logging in with your login details.

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  • Police Verification:

Police generally come to the address given in the renew passport application. If there is any discrepancy in the address, then you must visit the Police station yourself directly carrying all the proofs which you have submitted in the passport office.

Here you need to give proper explanation to Police on your current residential address, current job and for how many days you have visited India, for what purpose, per the questions they asked.

In a few cases, if something remains unclear, then Police would ask you to submit the explanation given to them in the written form for security reasons. If everything goes smoothly, then the Police would submit the positive feedback against the file status and your passport immediately goes for dispatch. It would take almost 7-10 days to get a Passport in hand after completing the Police verification. Passport is sent to the applicant’s address via a speed post.

In the case of tatkal applications, first, the Passport is issued then the file is sent to Police. The verification process would be the same as that of normal Passport, but here additionally the reasons for tatkal processing are also required. You can use the Passport only after completing the Police verification without any adverse report.

In a few cases, for some reason, Police send the file to the Regional Passport Office (RPO) for another round of verification. The applicant needs to visit RPO to undergo verification with valid explanations and proofs. The Passport is not issued if the file remains ‘under review’ at the RPO. However, you can submit a request letter to the concerned officers at the RPO to expedite the process without much delay.

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Documents required to Renew Passport Online:

Generally, the main concern for NRI’s come with the documentation part. Since the present address of NRIs will be in a foreign country, they must be confused about what documents to submit as proof of current address. In such cases, it’s recommended to take guidance from an expertise Passport consultancy.

Below are the common mandatory documents that every NRI needs to carry for Passport Office and Police Verification:

  • Old Passport original
  • Educational Qualification Proof 
  • Permanent address proofs in India
  • Marriage certificate (in case if you are married)
  • Spouse passport ( for endorsing spouse name in your passport)
  • Travel tickets (in case of Tatkal Passports)
  • Valid proofs confirming your current stay in the foreign country.
  • In case of a name change or address change, proof documents supporting the new details are required.

When all the documents are intact, you can complete the process very quickly. Otherwise, Passport issuance gets delayed further affecting your travel plans.

Thus, it’s better to go for Online Passport renewal in India only when you have enough holidays to stay in the country until the process is done. Else, the Passport renewal can also be done abroad in your country of residence with the help of the Indian Embassy located nearby.

In case, you are worried about what documents to be carried or how the process goes for renewing NRI Passport, feel free to reach SmotPro Passport consultancy. We have a team of professional agents who are experts in guiding NRIs on Passport renewals and other passport services.

Are you looking to apply to renew your Passport or already applied and got stuck due to some issues, let us know and we can assist you till the Passport is delivered to you? Call our experts now or leave a comment below for a further discussion on NRI Passport services.

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