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Malaysia is a South-east Asian country bordering Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei. It’s known as a perfect exotic holiday destination for Indians as a large number of Indians visit this magnificent country every year.

Whether you are planning for a budget tour or backpacking adventure or a luxurious honeymoon trip or family summer tour, a Malaysian tourist visa is required for Indians to enter into the country. Let’s now see what types of Malaysian visas are available and how to get them.

Types of Malaysian Visa:

For Indians, the Malaysian Government issues an online visa or e-visa. The whole visa application process is done online and the Malaysian officials approve the visa online. Once the applied visa is approved, a print-out has to be taken to submit at the Immigration counter.

There are four types of tourist visas issued by the Malaysian Government to Indians.

  • eNTRI Visa:

eNTRI is the least expensive and quickest tourist visa given to Indians. This visa can be processed even within one day.  It’s a single entry visa which allows the stay period of 15 days. The same applicant can apply for the eNTRI visa only once in 45 days after.

  • Single Entry Visa:

By getting the Malaysian single entry visa, an applicant can stay with the same visa for 30 days in the country. On the 30th day, either the visa validity has to be extended or the applicant has to travel out of the country.

This visa can be used for both tourism as well as business purposes such as attending seminars, meetings, etc. It takes almost 2-5 working days to process this single-entry visa.

  • Multiple Entry Visa:

This visa is given to the applicant who needs to travel to Malaysia multiple times. The validity period of this visa is almost 3 months to one year. There are no restrictions on how many times the person can enter the country. But there is one condition that the person can stay for a maximum of 30 days on one entry.

The same person can enter and exit the country multiple times within a short period also. This visa requires almost 3-5 working days to process. Even this visa can be used for both business and tourism purposes.

  • 1-year Multiple Entry Visa:

Here, the validity of the visa is one year and the same person can enter the country multiple times. On each entry, the person can stay for a maximum of 30 days. The visa processing can take almost 7-10 working days to issue a 1-year multiple entry visa.

Note that the 30th day is the last day to stay on every entry and the person has to travel out of the country in case the existing visa has not been extended.

Malaysian tourist Visa fee:

Generally, the visa fee depends upon the type of visa you are choosing and varies based on a single entry, multiple entries, and visa validity time.

What happens if you overstay your tourist visa?

If you overstay with your tourist visa beyond the validity time, it will be considered a punishable offense and may affect when you are visiting the country later on. eVisa and eNTRI visas are not used for getting employed in Malaysia, it’s also an offense settling as a job holder in the country carrying these visas.

However, both these visas can be used for attending a job interview in Malaysia.

How to apply for Visa:

You can apply for a Visa online on the official website. But applying directly without proper assistance leads to visa rejections. Thus you have to do thorough research before applying on your own. To avoid such risks, you can easily approach a visa consultancy for guidance.

Documents required:

  • Valid Passport (if your Passport is renewed, then both old and new passports are required)
  • Visa application which is duly filled
  • To and fro flight tickets
  • Visa format photograph of the applicant
  • Hotel booking receipt or proof of accommodation
  • Proof of funds on the name of the applicant

Visa on arrival:

Visa on arrival is also available for getting a tourist visa. However, there are few restrictions on getting a visa on arrival. Therefore, it’s not advisable to go with a Malaysian visa on arrival due to the below reasons

  • To be eligible for getting a visa on arrival, you must carry a valid visa from Thailand, Singapore, or Indonesia.
  • Waiting time at the airport is high to get the visa.
  • The charges are high compared to eVisa
  • It’s a single entry visa allowing you to stay only for 7 days but with an eNTRI visa, you can stay up to 15 days.

What to be done after entering the country:

At the airport, you have to submit your Passport and visa at the Immigration counter for getting stamped. For a visa on arrival, you can apply and get the visa directly at the airport after paying the fee.

Then you are asked to submit other documents that are given in the visa application form. If they ask about any additional details or documents, then you need to submit them too.

Travel to Malaysia without a visa in 2020:

Due to the rise of Indian and Chinese tourists to Malaysia, the Malaysian Government in order to boost their tourism has decided to exempt visas for both Indians and Chinese All you have to do is to register in the electronic travel registration and information system (eNTRI) and the registration will be valid for three months.

You can either do it on your own or through a travel agency at the Malaysian mission office located in India. By getting this visa, the traveler can stay for 15 days in Malaysia, then leave the country and also can enter once again into the country after 45 days by using the same visa.

This news regarding the free Malaysian visa was published on December 26th, 2019 in the Federal Government Gazette. Also, this order will be effective this whole year i.e. from January 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2020.

Here while applying for a visa, the applicant has to submit both to and fro travel tickets as the maximum days to stay in Malaysia with this visa are only 15 days.

Get a tourist Visa with the help of the travel consultancy:

If you are looking to get a Malaysian visa easily without any complications, SmotPro Passport, Visa, and travel consultancy are here to take up the whole process on your behalf. We are authorized consultants to guide you through every step making the process easier and smoother. To know how to apply for a Malaysian tourist visa or for any queries in getting the visa, reach us now to speak with our agent or leave your comment below.

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