The process of applying Passport has become easy now with the help of advanced technologies available in the market. In this mobile era, all tasks are done at fingertips with the help of lakhs of mobile applications available in the store which are compatible with android, IOS, and other operating systems.

Likewise, the Indian Government has come up with a mobile app that helps citizens who are planning to apply for a Passport. Thus all the applicants can now apply for a Passport using their smartphones by downloading the official mobile app ‘mPassport Seva’ from the Android and IOS app stores.

So now, the applicants can either visit the official Passport site directly or can download the official app for applying the Indian Passport application online. In both ways, the Ministry of External Affairs has made the process simpler, thus anyone from all over India can apply and get the Passport easily.

Since most of us are already aware of how to apply for a Passport through the official website, let’s now take a look at how to apply Passport using the mPassport Seva mobile app. 

  • Download the mPassport Seva app:

mPassport Seva is an officially designed, light-weight, easy-to-use app that is available in Android and IOS app stores. This app has all the functions that are available on the official website along with the general information that is useful to the applicants.

The first step is to visit the ‘mPassport Seva’ app in your app store and install it after reading and accepting the terms and conditions.

  • Logon to the mobile app:

After installing the app, the next step is to log in to the app. If the applicant is new to the process, he/she can register as a new user by providing the details such as name, email, mobile number, security questions, etc. Or if the applicant has already created the login credentials on the website, then the same credentials can be used here for logging into the mobile app.

Make sure that the email address and mobile number is given are currently valid as these details are needed for future use to get alerts, notifications, and also for tracking purposes.

To confirm the applicant’s registration, a confirmation link is sent to the email address given by the applicant. After clicking on that link, it redirects the applicant to a new webpage where created login id and password are asked and the user needs to enter them. 

  • Fill the application form:

Once the applicant logs into the app, then there are guidelines given in the app on how to apply for Passport. The steps are given to apply different types of passport services along with the steps to raise concerns if there are any.

By following that guide in the app, the applicant can choose the Passport service he/she has to apply for. By selecting the related passport service (ex: Apply for New Passport), the applicant has to fill the application form with the required details.

  • Upload documents:

Once all the details are filled in, then the next step is to upload the relevant supporting documents to verify if the given details in the form are correct. If there is any confusion in the documentation part, you can seek help from the document advisor available in the app. By selecting the type of Passport you want to apply for, the document advisor suggests the mandatory documents to carry to the Passport office.

  • Pay online and schedule an appointment:

An online payment option is also available in the app. Once you upload all the documents, you can directly make the payment and schedule an appointment at the nearest Passport office. The fee calculator present in the app calculates the amount to be paid depending on the passport type (i.e. New, Renewal, Lost, Damaged, etc) and mode of passport (i.e. Normal or Tatkal).

There are multiple options available for the users to choose the nearest PSK or POPSK in your location. The applicants from abroad can get relevant information about the missions or posts which are present abroad. The users can also search for the available Police stations under certain districts and states to fill in the form.

After fixing up the appointment in the nearest Passport office during the available dates, the applicant gets all the appointment-related details to his/her mobile number and email address.

  • Track Passport application status:

Once you apply for Passport online, you can track the current status of the application by giving the file number and date of birth. If your Passport is already dispatched, then the delivery status can also be tracked.

Visit the Passport Office:

As per the schedule, visit the given Passport office on the day of the appointment with the original proof documents as suggested by the document advisor. Inside the Passport office, the officers verify all the details given while filling up the application and the documents carried.

Once the document verification is done, then the applicant’s biometrics are taken and the file status is updated. If all the submitted details and documents are correct, then the file is moved for Police verification. Else the file is kept pending and the applicant has to attend further rounds of verification and resubmit the documents.

The status can be tracked online and the same is sent as alerts to the given mobile number and email address. Thus the applicant has to act accordingly based on his/her file status.

Police Verification:

In case, the file has been moved to Police verification, then the applicant has to check for the allotted Police station. Usually, the alerts are sent to the mobile and email about the Police verification details also along with the date and time.

If the details are not sent, you can visit the Police station directly and complete the process. Only after the Police verification is properly done, the Passport is moved to printing and dispatch. Else the status will be pending due to incomplete Police verification.

For normal passports, Police verification is done before dispatching the Passport and for tatkal passports, Police verification is done after dispatching the Passport. These tatkal Passports are authorized to use only after the applicant completes the Police verification. Otherwise, they cannot be used for any purpose.

Passport delivery:

If the file is moved to dispatch, then Passport is delivered within a week or two. The applicant has to be present physically to take the Passport in hand which is sent through a speed post to the address given in the Passport.

Hence the whole process of applying for the Passport is the same whether it’s applied via a website or a mobile app, but with the high use of smartphones, the users find it’s easy to apply through an app rather than going to a website. 

If you have any concerns or issues while applying for a Passport on a website or through an app, you can immediately reach the Passport consultants near you for quick guidance. SmotPro Passport consultancy is here to assist you with all the required Passport services all over India with a dedicated team to deal with Passport-related queries. Feel free to reach us anytime and we can always make things easier for you.

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