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A Passport is a sensitive travel document needed for an Indian citizen when he’s traveling abroad. The whole procedure of applying Passport has become online now as per the government policies.

It’s always important to check the validity of your passport, whether it’s expired or not when you have travel plans i.e. flying abroad, driving or traveling in cruise ship across the borders. In case your passport got expired, it’s no more a valid one and you need to renew it for using it further.

For international tours, even for flight bookings, valid Passport number and date of expiry is needed. So check prior that you are carrying a valid Passport in hand, else you will be stopped at the immigration counter in the airport.

Also for International Visas, Passport details are mandatory and airport officials do not let you travel if the Passport or Visa details are mismatched with the database and look fraudulent.

How to Renew Expired Passport:

Adult Passport can have a validity time of 10 years and for minors (up to 18 years) it’s valid only 5 years. Minors who are in the age of 15-18 years can either apply for a 10-year validity passport or till they attain the age of 18 years. Validity time is calculated from the date of issuing. 

You need to renew your Passport Online after it gets expired. Even the expiry date is mentioned clearly in Passport, after which it becomes invalid automatically.

Passport Agents

The process is mostly similar to the application of a fresh Passport and it’s very easy nowadays. It takes 4-6 weeks to get the renewed Passport in hand depending on the urgency or emergency The procedure involves the below steps to be followed

  • Filling the Renewal Passport application form online (Provide correct mobile number and email address which are currently in use. You can track application status later using a mobile number and email given in the application form)
  • Uploading the relevant documents or proofs
  • Making a payment online or offline
  • Fixing an appointment at the nearby Passport office (PSK or POPSK)
  • Visiting Passport Office
  • Undergoing a biometric process
  • Submitting original documents for verification
  • Undergoing Police verification process (After completing the verification process in the Passport office, you will receive an SMS from Passport officials on the Police verification details)

Sometimes Police verification is initiated and sometimes not required. It depends on the documents submitted by the applicant in the passport office and various other factors. The decision taken by the Passport officials is final.

Also, with the development of new digital technologies in India, the Government is trying to take the whole Police verification process into the next level by introducing Online verification. Though it takes a few more months to make it live, still discussions are going on for the same.

Few cases where Police Verification is not required:

Though Police Verification is mandatory in issuing a Passport, there are few cases that don’t require it.

  • Renewal of passport in the same address given in the old Passport
  • Passport renewal for kids and infants
  • Renewal of Government servants
  • Senior citizen Passport renewals

Again these are few common cases seen, but the final decision is always taken by the Passport authorities to initiate the Police verification process or not.

Criteria for renewal:

To make the renewal process smoother and easier, make sure your old Passport is intact with you without falling under the below categories

  • Lost passport
  • Stolen passport
  • Damaged passport
  • Exhaustion of pages
  • Expired more than three years ago
  • Change in Name
  • Change in Date of Birth

Documents required for Passport Renewal:

You need to carry the below mandatory original documents while visiting a Passport office for the verification process.

  • Old Passport 
  • Date of Birth Proof 
  • Any ID proof issued by the Govt of India
  • Any address proof of the current address
  • Appointment receipt

For minors, Date Of Birth (DOB) certificate and supporting documents of both parents are needed. 

What happens when Police Verification gets rejected:

If Police reject your application due to insufficient documents or other criminal records, then you are no longer to receive Passport. You have to clear all the rejections and also need to pay some amount as fine to process the application again.

How to renew NRI Passport:

NRI (Non-resident Indians) are the people of Indian origin living outside the country. NRI’s can renew Passport either coming to India or at their living country embassy. But renewing in their current country is a costly affair and also cumbersome.

The process is hassle-free if they come to India and do the renewal. Depending on their period of stay, they can go with normal or tatkal mode. Mostly NRI’s choose to go with a tatkal passport to avoid delaying their travel plans.

Renew Passport with SmotPro

A similar process is applicable to both Indians living currently in India and abroad. But NRI’s need to carry additional documents as per the Government guidelines and policies. The necessary details on proofs are available in Passport official site.

During Police verification, make sure that you inform all the details correctly on the current address. Job etc. Be prepared to submit the proofs Police asked to expedite the process without any delay.

How SmotPro helps you to get Passport faster:

Generally, Passport renewal is allowed one year before the expiry date and anytime after expiring.  If the Passport validity is less than 6 months, then it is not considered as a valid one to apply for a visa. Visa is issued only after submitting an unexpired Passport with more than 6-month validity.

Worried about the process? Absolutely not necessary. You can just sit back and relax till you get a Passport in hand. SmotPro is one of the best Passport agencies in India helping you throughout the process from application filling to document submission, with automated status tracking till you get the Passport in hand.

It’s now very easy to get Fast or Tatkal passports by applying with SmotPro. We are functional in multiple cities assisting our customers living in any corner of the country with our reliable services. Our tatkal services get your Passport renewed with 3-5 working days at the cheaper price. 

When a customer finds SmotPro online or offline, we immediately get the requirements and start the process. Every customer is assigned a dedicated manager who takes care until the end of the procedure. Thus SmotPro provides end-to-end Passport services to all our customers with 24*7 support.

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