Thailand New Year tour deal

Thailand Tour is one of the favorite destination tours preferred mostly by Indians. Thailand is known for its food, nightlife, tropical beaches, historic buildings, and monuments.

World-famous Thai massage makes the people go for Thailand at least once in their lifetime to experience the ancient techniques of massaging.

In the 3rd century BC, Indian Emperor Ashoka sent monks across various parts of Asia to spread Buddhism and so it got its influence more in Thailand. Thus almost 80% of the people in Thailand follow Buddhism and so you can find many monuments there which attracts a large number of tourists every year.

Nearly 33,000 Buddhist temples with amazing architectural designs are present across the country. Wat Phra Kaew or Temple of the Emerald Buddha is the most prominent Buddhist temple in Thailand. These temples represent the historical remains of the old rulers of the Thai kingdom.

Bangkok Tour Package from IndiaThailand Itinerary – How I planned the New Year destination trip for 6 Days last year:

I’m Preetam, a destination traveler and this is how I planned my Thailand holidays at a cheaper cost. Initially, I approached SmotPro for my Passport after searching online.

The whole process got over within 10 days as promised by the company. Then I thought to apply for a New Year trip, so I booked the Thailand tour package with airfare. 

Thailand Tour – Sightseeing places covered on my trip:

Day 1- Bangkok (Dec 28):

Just after landing in Bangkok from India, I saw a serpentine queue in the airport awaiting a visa at-least for 2-3 hours. But I got relaxed in the meanwhile and moved to a hotel where my accommodation was confirmed. I experienced this smooth travel flow due to obtaining a visa prior-hand.

Then I rested till evening and moved to the nearby river-side shopping area to see the beauty of Floating markets found nowhere in the world except in Bangkok.

Floating Markets:

Canals extending to hundreds of kilometers are divided into small markets with long-tail boat wooden cruises containing fruits, vegetables, sweets, and other food stalls.

These connecting cruises on the sides of the canals ease the movement on the waters. Thus the Floating Markets is the most visited destination always covered with tourists.

The famous floating markets in Bangkok are Taling Chan Market, Bang Ku Wiang Market, Tha Kha, and Damnoen Saduak.

In the night went to Banyan Tree’s Apsara Dinner Cruise along the Chao Phraya River to taste Royal Thai cuisine.

Floating market in Bangkok

Day 2 – City Tour(Dec 29):

On the next day, I planned for a city tour visiting Rose Garden, Royal Grand Palace, Madame Tussauds museum, Jim Thomson House ( a place where Asian art and culture heritage is portrayed). In the evening I attended the Calypso Cabaret show and enjoyed the dinner and drinks. 

This show is very special as all the performers in this show are transgenders and cross-dressing ladies with sexy looks. So hundreds of tourists gather here to watch this every day. That day even I was there till late night dancing with all the tourists and returned back to the hotel.

Day 3 – Transfer to Pattaya(Dec 30) :

On the next day, I started from Bangkok to Pattaya renting a car as its nearly 3-hour journey. I just enjoyed the beauty of Bangkok watching nature and wild animals. We can find Indochinese tigers roaming on the streets mingling with people.

Professional animal trainers trained all the animals to move friendly with the people and you need to follow the staff instructions properly to make it a safe memorable moment.

wild animals pattaya

In the evening, I visited Khao Pattaya View Point on Pratumnak Hill to get that classic shot of Pattaya’s sweeping, crescent bay. The famous ladyboy shows called Calypso and other adult shows are conducted in the bars and pubs by Thai and Russian women in Pattaya

People call Pattaya as “sex capital of the world” as it’s a dream destination, especially for bachelors.

Day 4 – Coral  Island(Dec 31):

Pattaya city

My day started moving to Coral Island from Pattaya. Coral Island – also known as KohLarn – is a little patch of paradise just a 45-minute boat ride from Pattaya Pier. It is ringed by beautiful white-sand beaches and warm turquoise seas.

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This tour to KohLarn is full of relaxation and excitement. You can choose from snoozing in the sun, swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, waterskiing, parasailing, windsurfing and more. You can also enjoy a tasty Thai lunch at an open-air restaurant right on the coast.

In the evening attended New Year Event (Conducted by the company in collaboration with SmotPro) with all my friends and we had a very funny new year fest.

Day 5 – Phuket Island(Jan 1):

We can fly from Pattaya to Phuket island. It takes about 1-2 hours in flight. Spending 2 days to see the beauty of Phuket island is worth the time of the tour.

Bangkok Phuket island

In Phuket Island, there are world-famous places like Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Islands, James Bond Island and KohPanyee. A group of  9 Similan islands situated here is an eye-feast for scuba divers. This is one of the best diving sites in the world with coral reefs and greenery.

The beaches provide the best relaxation in the sunset with soft sand, palm trees, soft seabed, clean waters, beach chairs, parasailing, surfing, drinks, and restaurants.

Bangla road Nightclubs with loud music, dance and drinks made the New Year trip interesting and exciting. All the foreigners gathered here and so it’s a good spot to meet people around the world and can have a lot of fun the whole night.

Day 6 – Back to Bangkok(Jan 2):

In Phuket, I visited Patong Beach and Karon Viewpoint to watch the Andaman sea coast. It was a very calm, peaceful and beautiful place liked by nature-lovers. We took pics with that sparkling blue sea, snow-white surf, white-sand beaches, an exotic nearby island (Koh Pu), and the deep-green hues of Phuket’s hillsides.

Thus I covered main tourist destinations in Thailand and finally returned to Bangkok and drove towards the airport to travel back to India. That’s how our New Year Thailand trip finally came to an end.I’m eagerly searching for a new destination to celebrate this new year.

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