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Minors also need to hold a passport to travel abroad. Many assume that there is no requirement of a passport for minor and it’s sufficient to show parents’ passport. But that is not the case anymore. Previously it was fine to show father’s passport with minor’s name in it, now such passports are not valid.

Recently Government of India has implemented strict rules and so minors (children below the age of 18 years) must have a passport on their name for stepping out of the country. This is applicable even for the recently born babies. Parents must apply for a passport on the baby’s name to carry the baby abroad.

How to apply:

The online passport application procedure is similar to that of adults, but the documentation differs based on the travel purpose, age, and nationality of parents.

Minors can also apply under various categories of Passport i.e. Fresh, Renewal, Reissue (For Lost and Damaged Passports), But children whose educational qualification is SSC and above are eligible to get both ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) and ECR (Emigration Check Required) Passports. If the educational qualification is below SSC, then children are eligible only for an ECR passport.

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Where to apply:

Minors Passport can be applied both online and offline (through Passport agency or Consultancy). Whatever the application mode, the minor regardless of age needs to be present physically at the Passport office for verification, escorted by at least one of the parents mandatorily. 

The validity of  Minors Passport:

For minors, normally the validity of the Passport is only 5 years or till the age, they attain 18 years. But for the children in the age group of 15-18 years, they have two options i.e. applying for a 10-year validity passport or which is valid till they attain the age of 18 years. After attaining 18 years, they can apply for a Passport renewal which comes with a 10-year validity period.

As we have discussed a few basic queries on the minor’s passport above, let’s now look at the pros and cons of getting a minor passport.


1. Children documents not needed:

For children, documents on their names are not mandatory. It’s sufficient to show their parents documents that are valid and authorized. At least one of the parent’s documents should be valid enough along with the spouse name added.

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If the spouse’s name is not added in the parent’s passport who is accompanying the kid, then the parent also needs to apply for the passport renewal to add the spouse’s name. But the scenario would be quite different for divorced parents without spouse name in the current passport.

But note that the Date of Birth Certificate/ SSC certificate is mandatory to submit in Passport office which is issued on Children’s name. Also, there are few annexure forms that are to be filled by the parents to submit them along with the other mandatory documents in the Passport office.

2. No police verification:

For days and months baby, Police verification is usually exempted in case all the documents submitted by parents are well-authorized. Also for short term passports i.e. 2 years or 3 years, valid passport categories do not require Police verification.

If both the parents of the minor do not carry a Passport, then the child needs to go through Police verification without any exemptions.

Also, understand that exempting an applicant from the Police verification process is decided by the Passport authorities based on various factors.

3. Tatkal schemes are also applicable:

Tatkal schemes are available for minor passports too. The process is similar to adult passports but there must a valid reason to process the application under the emergency category. Relevant proofs supporting the emergency are to be submitted during the appointment.

4. Travel around the world:

Even the days baby can travel anywhere in the world by carrying the valid Indian Passport. Hence parents going out of the country can carry their children along with them without any objections.

Passport (should not expire at least before 6 months) is a must document to apply for a visa and for booking flight tickets.


Here are the few challenges faced in getting a minor passport for different scenarios

  1. One Parent abroad:

The process would be easier if both parents are living with the minor. If one parent is abroad, then the other should accompany the kid to the Passport office carrying authorized documents received from the parent who is living abroad. Here the main challenge is preparing documents for the minor.

To know exactly what documents are to be carried during the appointment, check online or consult a passport agency/ consultancy near you. If the documents are unclear or insufficient, then there are more chances for the application to get more delayed or sometimes even get rejected.

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  • Both Parents abroad:

When the kid’s parents are alive, at least one of them must accompany the kid during the appointment. Else Passport authorities do not allow the kid alone or with a guardian when both parents are still alive.

So when both the kid’s parents are abroad, in such cases minor passport cannot be issued. There is no other option than one of the parents accompanying the kid at the Passport office. Here also the authorization letters from the other parent are required to process the Passport application.

  • Both parents are not alive:

If both parents are not alive for the minor, then a guardian can accompany a minor by submitting the guardian’s relevant supporting documents and annexures. The Passport is not issued if the submitted documents are not following the Government’s guidelines.

  • Parents with criminal background:

In this case, minor passports are issued both in normal and tatkal schemes but the application is to be processed in RPO (Regional Passport Office) or any other competent authority.

  • Dual citizenship of minor:

If the minor is born outside India to parents who hold Indian citizenship, then the minor can get dual citizenship both in the birth country and in India. In such cases, the kid is eligible to apply for a passport under ‘Citizen of India by descent’.i.e. Person born outside India to Indian parents.

Birth proof of the kid along with citizenship proofs of the Indian parents are mandatory to carry during the appointment.

  • Difficult handling kids at PO:

Parents face difficulties to handle the kids, especially those who are below 3 years. So be prepared well in advance with proper transport, food for the kid, documentation, etc. Avoid the last-minute rush at the time of appointment for the process to go smooth without any hassles in between.

Thus getting a Passport for a minor is not as easy as that of an adult passport. Issuance of the minor Passport depends upon the person accompanying the kid and the supporting documentation.

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  1. Traveling with minor and children sure is fun for the whole family. But even so you still need to secure them of a passport for them to travel overseas. Travel protocol have been in constant change so it’s important you’ll follow it in order to have a hassle free travel.

  2. Traveling with your family is fun & joy & with your children or minor it makes trips fun double, But if you plan for out of the station you need to Passport for them also to secure them in your travel. As you all know the travel rule is a change in every country so it’s important to follow all the rules it will get more help you in your travel.

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