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Door Step Passport Services for Senior Citizens from SmotPro: Senior citizens in India are individuals who have attained the age of 60 years and above. For traveling out of the country on any purpose, even senior citizens need a valid Passport and Visa.

In India, there are a lot of privileges given to senior citizens for getting a Passport. Thus there is no need to worry as the process goes much smoother for senior citizens. Let’s now discuss here why senior citizens need a passport and how can they apply in an easy manner.

Passport Services for Senior citizens:

There are no special Passports available for senior citizens. Only ordinary passports are issued to them with a validity of 10 years. Though the process is similar to that of major passport, for senior citizens there is a simple procedure to get the Passport easily in hand. Thus simple passport application process reduces the complications which make their lives easier.

For residents of Jammu and Kashmir, to become eligible for applying for a senior passport, men should have attained 65 years of age and above. Women should be aged 60 years and above. This applies to the people born in Jammu and Kashmir and those who are applying with the address of J&K.

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However, the above criteria are not applicable for the Indian citizens of other states who are deployed in J&K by the Indian Government for carrying out the official duties.

For residents of other states, individuals (both male and female) who have attained the age of 65 years are eligible to apply for a Passport under senior citizen category as per the new Passport policies.

Why apply:

For international travel, the Government of India made the travel document Passport mandatory for all the citizens of India. Whatever be the purpose of the visit be it on tours, vacation, visiting their family and friends, treatment, attending conferences, business meetings, etc., Passport is a must document to carry along.

How to apply:

There are three steps in the application process i.e. filling out the application form, visiting the passport office for an appointment, completing Police verification.

 The application form has to be filled online. All the particulars are needed while filling out the form. Also, mandatory documents are to be uploaded before submitting the form. Once the details and documents are added, then you are redirected to the payment page.

Payment can be done online or by paying challan at the SBI bank branches. After making the payment, it’s not compulsory to book an appointment slot for senior citizens. As per the recent passport rules, walk-ins are available for senior citizens at the Passport office.

There is a separate counter for senior citizens in the Passport office and other applicants are not allowed here. Thus the burden of standing in long-waiting lines is reduced for them. They can just go directly to the office, submit the biometrics and documents to the officers. The whole process completes within a few minutes.

Walk-ins are available from Monday to Friday, the token is issued to the applicants from 9.30 am to 4 pm. But walking is allowed on a first-come, first-served basis. So those who are planning to go with walk-ins, it’s recommended to go in the morning to avoid multiple visits to the office.

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Documents needed:

Date of Birth proof, address (which you want in Passport) proofs and ARN (appointment receipt generated after filling the online application form) are needed to submit at the Passport office.

In the case of a tatkal or emergent passport, additional proof showing the reasons for an emergency is also required at the Passport office. Only then tatkal passports are issued, else applications applied in tatkal mode are converted into normal mode if the proofs of emergency are not sufficient or invalid.

Police Verification:

For normal applications, Police verification is after the appointment at the Passport office. To get a Passport on a Post-Police verification basis, you need to apply under the tatkal scheme.

During verification, all the original proofs which are taken to the Passport office are to be submitted to Police. After successful verification, the status changes to printing and then dispatch.

Where to apply:

Passport can be applied online on your own or by contacting professional Passport agents or Passport agencies near you. The form has to be filled online but taking the appointment online is not mandatory.

While applying online, you have the option of downloading e-form, filling it offline and uploading it later. Even for downloading the form, first, you need to register yourself as a user on the website.

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Benefits of applying for Passport with Consultancy:

Senior citizens need not take the pain of applying for a Passport themselves and is recommended to go with Passport Consultancy to reduce the complications in the process.

Below are the benefits of applying with Passport consultancy:

  • The filling of the form is taken care of: The application form is filled by the experts to avoid the chance of making errors.
  • Full guidance on documentation: Experts assist you with the procedure in the Passport office to make it a hassle-free.
  • Fewer rejections: Passport is delivered in a single shot with less or no rejections.
  • Door-step services: To avail the consultancy services, you need not visit their office personally, they come to your door-step making your job easier.
  • 24*7 support: If you are facing some issue, then you can immediately reach out to the expert team for continuous support through chat, email, call, SMS, etc..
  • Refund schemes: Authorized consultancies are even offering refund schemes to the customers in case if something goes wrong with the application. Thus trusted consultancy guarantees either your passport or your money.

Therefore to avail of the above benefits, reaching out to the best Consultancy like SmotPro is recommended. We are one of the authorized agencies in India offering end-to-end Passport, Visa and tour services.

We are functional across the country with various branches in India at Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Every day we help our customers to get the passports of their requirements.

SmotPro, with an expert team, provides Passport Services to Majors, Minors, Senior Citizens, NRI’s, etc. Whatever may be your issue, we have a smooth solution for it. Apply the Passport of your requirement and get it much earlier with us.

For more details on the passport services, reach out to our experts online or offline. If you have something to share with us, write a comment here or call us directly.

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  1. Even senior citizen needs a passport since traveling is inevitable even at their age. But not all senior citizen is able to process their passport on their own because they will need assistance from family members. It will be very convenient for them if the passport will be delivered to their doorstep since traveling for them is not possible without a family member around.

  2. As you all know a new Passport apply it really tedious process & the senior citizen is not able to do the whole process without any family member help or support. As per your assistance, it will really help all senior citizens if they need a Passport at there age.

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