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Online Passport Agents in Bangalore: The process of applying Passport has become simpler now than you imagine. Previously it was a complicated process, but with the introduction of new Passport rules, the Ministry of External Affairs has simplified the whole process, thus making it easier for the applicants.

If you are unsure about the application process, consult the authorized agents near you for guidance. With assistance from the trusted agents, you can get a Passport in hand without any complications in between the process.

Follow the six simple steps given below and get your Passport smoothly:

  • Find trusted Passport agents:

When you are planning to apply with an agency, the only difficult task is to find the trusted Passport Online Passport Agents in Bangalore in your locality. Once you find them, then the Passport application process becomes much simpler with their guidance.

There are lots of agencies available online and it becomes a bit complicated to choose the best agency among them. In this scenario, you can either seek the advice of your friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors. Otherwise, you yourself can do a bit of research online about the agencies in your locality. 

Once you find the authorized agents, apply for your Passport with their guidance by registering on the website, applying online, and completing the verification.

  • Provide details for Online registration:

When you are applying for the Passport through agents, you can provide all the personal details as per your Identity proof documents and other educational qualification details to the agents. You should always give the email address and mobile number which are currently active and in use so that all the alerts and updates on the Passport are sent to them.

The agents then verify all your details and register online on your behalf on the Passport website by providing the details such as name, mobile number, email address, etc. After registration, a username and password are generated and you can ask the agents for these credentials and save them for future login.

As per your requirement, the agents can select the type of passport you want to apply such as New or Renewal. Then there is an application form to be filled with the required personal and educational qualification details. After filling out the application form, then there is a section for uploading documents.

  • Providing documents to fix an appointment in Passport Office:

You can submit all the scanned copies of your identity proofs and educational qualification proofs to the agents so that they can upload those documents online after filling the application form. You have to make sure to carry the same documents in original while visiting the Passport office during the appointment to avoid mismatches. 

Meanwhile, the trusted agents always verify and re-verify the given details and documents with you twice or thrice to avoid rejections in the Passport office. Thus they send the final copy of the application form and move on to the next step only after getting your confirmation that all the details provided in the application are correct.

After providing details and uploading documents, the next step in the process is to make Payment. The Passport fee depends upon the type of Passport(New Passport, Renewal Passport, Lost Passport, etc) and mode of Passport (Normal and Tatkal) you are applying for. There are options for both online and offline payment.

Once the payment is done, there are options to select the Passport office on one of the available dates to book an appointment. There is a list of Passport offices available under various states, you can choose the one that is present in your locality. You can discuss the Passport offices and dates with the agents directly depending on your availability.

The Passport appointment can be scheduled in the nearest Passport office on a particular date as per your choice. When the booking is confirmed, you will receive alerts to the given mobile number and email address in the application form.

  • Visiting Passport office:

As per the scheduled date and time, visit the Passport office carrying all the original documents. If you are residing in cities, then you can opt for the nearest Passport office located in your city. Otherwise, if you are residing in small towns or districts, then you can opt for the Passport office which is located in your district’s post offices.

You can choose the one that is nearest to your residential address. However tatkal appointments are not available in the district’s passport office. So when you are visiting the district’s post office, only normal applications are processed, and takes a long time for delivering a passport.

But in main Passport Seva Kendra(PSK)’s located in cities, even tatkal applications are accepted and the process is completed faster compared to POPSK(Post Office Passport Seva Kendra) located in districts.

  • Submitting documents and biometrics in Passport office:

You are asked to submit the bio-metrics and proof documents of your residential address and education. The officers in the Passport office verify the submitted documents and if all are as per the Passport rules, then the applicant’s file is moved for Police verification.

If the documents submitted are insufficient, then the file remains pending until the applicant goes for further rounds of verification. Sometimes, the file gets rejected if the officers find the applicant details are incorrect or suspicious. In such cases, the applicant has to submit a request letter to the Regional Passport Office (RPO) if he/she feels that the file is incorrectly rejected.

  • Completing Police Verification:

If the applicant’s file is moved for Police verification, then the details about the verification are sent to the applicant’s mobile number. Generally, the file is sent to the Police station that comes under the locality of the applicant’s residential address.

In a few cases, Police verification is not mandatory and the Passport is directly printed and dispatched. The final decision about the verification is taken by the Passport authorities considering a variety of factors.

For normal Passports, Police verification is done before the Passport dispatch and for tatkal Passports, Police verification is done after the Passport is dispatched.

All the original documents which are submitted in the Passport office need to be submitted during Police verification. In case, if there is a mismatch in the details or documents, then there are chances for the rejections of the file during Police verification. There can be multiple reasons for file rejections.

In case of rejected files, the applicants have to submit a request in the Passport office again for clearing the application. With the proper assistance from the Passport agents, you need not worry about the procedure or documentation part, as they take care till the end of the process.

Thus Police verification needs to be mandatorily completed even for the issued Passports in case of tatkal cases, else the Passport becomes unauthorized to use.

When you are applying for a Passport through Online Passport Agents In Bangalore, follow the simple steps discussed, to reduce complications in the process.  You can always approach the trusted Passport agents to get end-to-end guidance about the application process with 24*7 services. SmotPro Passport agents are here to provide all the Passport services in a hassle-free way with simple steps and proper documentation.


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