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International traveling is the first thing that comes to mind during the vacation, especially for the younger generation today. Travelling is always so exciting as it gives a stirring experience to travelers by showing different perspectives of the world.

Now, to travel out of India to any foreign country, Indians need to carry certain mandatory travel documents. These documents are so important that, if not carried, then Indians are not allowed to enter the other countries.

Your dreams of relaxing in sandy beaches, climbing rocky mountains, foreign shopping, graduating in a foreign university, being a part of International conferences, etc come true only when you are well-prepared with a travel plan. Here preparing travel documents also comes to your bucket-list during international trips.

You need to keep in mind that travel documents are necessary when you are traveling out of India for any purpose i.e. Tour, Study, Job, Business, Medical, etc. Having said that, let’s now look into the documents to be carried below:

  • Passport:

Passport is the first document to be on your list while traveling out of the country. If you are still not a Passport holder, apply for a new Passport. Or if you have a Passport already, check the expiry date and make sure your Passport doesn’t expire for 6 months after entering into the foreign country.

In case, your Passport is about to expire soon, you can go for Passport renewal to extend the validity of your Passport. You cannot travel carrying Passports that are expired already. When you are doubtful about the process of applying for New or Renewal Passports, it’s better to consult trusted Passport consultancies for guidance.

Also, all the particulars must be correct in the passport as these are checked thoroughly by the officers in the Immigration center. Always it’s advisable to carry at-least two photo-copes of the Passport so that you don’t get into trouble in case you lose the Passport unexpectedly in the journey. These Passport photo-copies act as your proof to confirm the Indian nationality.

  • Air Ticket:

Once you decide the place to travel, then the next step is to find the flights to that destination. So if you are going on a planned trip, it’s good to book to-fro air tickets, a few months before your travel date. Booking flights earlier saves your money to some extent. 

But while booking tickets for international travel, you are asked for Passport details. So you must have the valid Passport handy before proceeding with ticket bookings. After booking the ticket, take a print-out to submit it at the airport when checked-in.

  • Visa:

Visa is yet another important travel document that is required when entering a new country. Every country issues visas which act as a permit for foreigners allowing into their country for a specific time period for a variety of travel purposes. Thus immigration officers strictly check for visas at airports. Some countries provide visas on arrival to the tourists which can be taken from the Immigration counter at the airport of the foreign county.

A person is not allowed to enter other countries without a properly authorized visa. To know how to apply for different types of visas for the country you are aimed to travel to, go to the country’s official site for more details. Or the simple way to ease the visa process is by contacting the visa consultants to get your visa quickly and smoothly without any complications.

For visas which include the interview process during screening, the issuance of visas depends on the Embassy officials and the candidate undergoing an interview. For visas that don’t require interviews, visas are issued based on the background verification of the applicant done with the proof documents submitted.

  • Travel Insurance:

Though travel insurance is not mandatory, it’s good to apply one as it covers all the emergencies during the trip such as cancellation of the trip, loss of luggage, expensive medical emergencies. Having travel insurance in hand can make your international trip worry less.

  • Accommodation Proof:

For travelers going on a tourist visa, most of the countries ask for accommodation proofs like a Hotel booking copy or a letter from a friend/relative who is already staying in a foreign country giving consent to the applicant to stay with them.

  • Travel Itinerary:

Sometimes a detailed travel itinerary is needed when the trip is already planned for a certain time period. This becomes handy and is most useful when the traveler is covering more places within a few days. Preparing an itinerary prior to the journey clears most of the confusion about the places and activities. Thus the trip goes totally smoothly as planned when you follow a perfect itinerary. To customize your travel plans, contact trusted travel agencies for planning your tour itinerary now.

  • Invitation Letter:

When you are traveling for study purposes, you need to get an invitation letter from the respective institution with your details on the letter. For business purposes, letters from the partner company or the companies involved in conducting conferences are needed.

For those who are traveling on a job visa, a letter from the company offering the job to the applicant is required. Thus invitation letters for various types of visa holders are thoroughly checked at the Immigration center.

  • Foreign currency & Recent Photographs:

Additionally, foreign exchange or forex cards can be used to carry the local currency of your visiting country when you visit abroad. It’s better to avoid using your own credit/debit card in foreign countries to save currency conversion fees. First, the forex card can be loaded with the currency of one country and the same card can be used again if needed with the currency of another country.

Some countries ask for traveler’s recent photographs to submit at the airport especially to undergo the process of visa-on-approval.

Thus traveling gives you a wonderful experience if planned well with all the documents. To get all the travel services at one-place, contact authorized travel agencies such as SmotPro. We help the customers who are traveling abroad by providing end-to-end tour services such as applying for a Passport and visa, customizing travel plans with a detailed itinerary.

Hence if you are planning for international trips, contact our expert team to guide you with the details of the planned country as we provide both international and domestic tour packages to all our customers along with the necessary travel documents.

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