1. Why SmotPro?
  2. Our main aim is Customer satisfaction and we never compromise on that. Our dedicated team takes extra efforts to get the high quality work done for you even before the deadline. We even take up emergency orders without charging service fee. All you have to do is contact us with the full details and we take care of the rest. Just sit and relax as our SmotPro team do everything for you.

  3. How to apply with SmotPro?
  4. You can apply either online or offline. To apply online anytime visit www.smotpro.com and follow the instructions. For offline application, you can directly reach our nearest branch or we can send our executives to get it done at your door-steps without any extra charge. For queries or any other information, call us at 9483506529 or drop a mail at [email protected] for immediate response.

  5. What are steps to follow for getting passport or visa?
  6. Equipped with an experienced Doc team, we would help you in 4 steps to get your valuable document.
    1. Arrange your available proofs,
    2. Set up the online appointments through our website
    3. Process it through our CRM and
    4. Track the status online till it gets delivered

  7. What is SmotPro’s Guarantee policy?
  8. We assure you the document or service to be delivered within the specified time. If it takes atleast one day extra than the committed date, then you are absolutely free to claim your document or services for free of cost.

  9. What kind of passport services SmotPro provides?
  10. We provide New Passport for adults and kids, Passport Renewal, Reissue for lost or damaged passports and Tatkal Passports in case of emergency.

  11. What’s the frequency for getting passports?
    1. Within 7-10 days
    2. Within 10-12 days
    3. Within 15-20 days
    4. Within 30-35 days
    5. Within 40-45 days

  12. What are Tatkal passports?
  13. For emergency situations, we help you get the passports within a week.
    1. Within 6 days
    2. Within 4 days

  14. How is SmotPro different from other consultancies or agents?
    1. Our strict Guarantee Policy is the one which makes our services more trustable to our customers.
    2. We send our agents to your location for filling the application without any extra fee as it saves your time and gives you more comfort to complete the formalities.
    3. If you plan for a family trip, you can get the passports delivered to all your family members at the same time with offers on domestic and international tour packages
    4. For an international trip, you can save your hard-earned money as we provide the visa with the booked flight tickets to your dream destination. In general, the time gap between visa delivered date and flight booking date costs you higher amount if done both separately.


Smot Docs (Document division of SmotPro) provides all Public documents required for the Indian national to live in and outside the country.


Smot Fin (Financial division of SmotPro)assists you with all secured Financial documents to plan, save, spend, invest and reinvest in future.

SMOT Tours

Smot Tours (Travel division of SmotPro)offers Domestic and International tour packages, deals and guidance to individuals, groups and families.

SMOT Estate

Smot Estate (Real Estate division of SmotPro)manages end-to-end leasing, owning and selling lands, assests for individuals, corporates, industries and tenants.


Smot web (Creative division of SmotPro) fulfils your website design needs with SEO optimization that exceeds the business expectations in the market.