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Surprises, both good and bad, are inevitable. Everyone loves the good ones and prays that they are spared the unpleasant ones. Yet, things happen. That is why general insurance policies safeguard you.

When the going gets tough, you need general insurance that truly cares. Our people and processes are aligned to offer you financial protection from loss or damage you may face due to mishaps. Be it your vehicles, health, travels, or home win the battle against the uncertainties of life by teaming up with us.

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+91 94835 06529

Online insurance consultant SmotPro offers the following services:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance


Smot Docs (Document division of SmotPro) provides all Public documents required for the Indian national to live in and outside the country.


Smot Fin (Financial division of SmotPro)assists you with all secured Financial documents to plan, save, spend, invest and reinvest in future.

SMOT Tours

Smot Tours (Travel division of SmotPro)offers Domestic and International tour packages, deals and guidance to individuals, groups and families.

SMOT Estate

Smot Estate (Real Estate division of SmotPro)manages end-to-end leasing, owning and selling lands, assests for individuals, corporates, industries and tenants.


Smot web (Creative division of SmotPro) fulfils your website design needs with SEO optimization that exceeds the business expectations in the market.