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I affirm that the information given by me in this form is true and I am solely responsible for its accuracy, and I am liable to be deprived of the services if found otherwise. I am aware that, it is a criminal offence to furnish any false information or to suppress any material information with a view to obtaining OCI Card or travel document. SmotPro is not a government website and acts as a consultant for my document process & I authorize SmotPro for the same.

I also authorize SmotPro India Pvt Ltd to submit my application form on my behalf using a third party account (SmotPro India Pvt Ltd account).

Terms and conditions

• All the details provided must be as per 10th or SSLC certificate

• Contact us directly:

             1) If your matriculation is not done through regular classes

             2) If the father/mother or both of the minor applicant is abroad

             4) If you are an orphan

             5) If your name has ALIAS in the documents

             6) If you have a date of birth change in the existing Passport

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